We offer the best Freight Services

In this day and age, people have an immense amount of choice when it comes to transporting goods, and Gotrans Freight Services can offer you comprehensive transportation solutions.

One of the options that you have is sea freight, and we will give you a few reasons as to why sending cargo by sea is a good option.

First off, sending cargo via ship is not the solution when it comes to emergency deliveries that need to be completed in the shortest space of time.

Sea freight is best suited to longer delivery times, as well as the delivery of big or bulky items. The major benefit of sea freight is that it remains a cost-effective option.

Whether you are transporting one large item, or containers full of cargo, you will save in terms of cost when compared to the likes of air freight.

This is because shipping requires far less fuel, which also ensures that it is the more eco-friendly option.

At Gotrans, you have a variety of options when it comes to reliable ocean freight as our professional consultants are able to configure the best and most cost-efficient solutions.

Our Sea Freight Services Include:

  • Gotrans Freight specializes in full Sea Freight Services, as well as management from departure to arrival
  • We are registered clearing/ forwarding agents
  • We safely transport sea freight shipments to any destination
  • We manage best ranges of multi-tier transport modes for full delivery to the download point
  • We manage many cargo modes, including Full Container Loads, Break Bulk Options, Groupage Services & Loose Container Loads, Abnormal Cargo, and many more.

 Freight Services

One of our top priorities is placing customer satisfaction on the top of our list. We strive for superb customer service, while still remaining competitive. We take pride in the quality of the personalized Sea Freight Services that we offer to our customers. 

Find out more about our sea freight services by contacting Gotrans Freight today.

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